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Raq-C, DJ ZOE, DJ Hife and RP Swagger at Rent A Wheel

Today we invaded south gate rent-a-wheel with Raq-C and ya boys dj Zoe dj hife and RP swagger and we had those tickets every one wants Calibash 2012. Let me start by saying this was one of the most crazies events I had done yet we had one guy lick his girls feet that were full of dirt and all dirty just so he can win a pair of tickets to Calibash 2012 we even had an old lady down on all fours acting like an elephant lol good times. We had the Rent-A-Wheel in south gate going crazy and all out party!!! My girl RAQ-C had the party going with my boy hife and myself rockin the turntables!!! So join us at our next event for your chance to win tickets to Calibash this week!!!













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